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Experience the best of the outdoors

Experience the best of the outdoors through activities we offer:

•    Short hikes with local guides or self-guided walks with maps
•    Multi-day treks on some of the world’s most beautiful routes
•    Horseback riding on estates, ranches, estancias and haciendas
•    Walking on active glaciers
•    Jet boat rides up wilderness rivers
•    Walking between traditional villages in the countryside to see how the locals live
•    Snorkeling and diving in incredible destinations
•    Big-game safaris, wildlife spotting
•    Private photography expeditions
•    Whitewater rafting, and river, lake and sea kayaking
•    Hot-air balloon rides
•    Tented-camp - overnights in remote destinations only accessible on foot
•    Scenic drives

Exploring the World on Foot; by day or night

Hiking is truly one of the best ways to explore remote areas and seeing different regions up close and soaking up his the sights and sounds of a truly splendid destination.

Hiking does not require carrying a lot of gear so you can enjoy your days in the outdoors without having to “rough it up”.

A Typical Hiking Day

We keep it easy and light by providing each guest time to stroll around and taking in the colorful scenery and tasty cuisine or picnic lunches.  You will only be expected to carry your day pack.

Physical Requirements

Our hiking trips range from easy walks to longer, more strenuous day hikes. The latter requires that you have prior hiking experience and are capable of walking 5 - 7 hours a day on trails with steep ascents and descents.