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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of trips does Sea to Summit offer?

Sea to Summit offers distinctive luxurious travel tours that are customized with our hands-on and on-the-ground experience. Each trip that is recommended has been experienced by us personally.

We offer an array of adventure programs from independent hiking explorations to breathtaking Antarctic cruises that suit every individual or group based on what you want and need to fulfill your exotic dream destination.

Are Sea to Summit Adventures difficult ?

Since we offer a selection of trips, they range from easy to moderate but nothing too difficult. A support team of porters, vehicles or any other conveyances such as rafts and kayaks even packs of animals are always ready and able at your disposal fulfilling any adventure trip recommended by Sea to Summit.

How do i know if i'm fit enough and what type of trip is best for my physical condition?

When choosing a Sea to Summit adventure activity; it is best to suit your trip to your interests and physical ability. Sea to Summit will ask you detailed questions about your preferred outdoor experience, physical activities you like to experience and your choice of traveling with style.

As much as possible, take the time to get into shape for your upcoming luxury adventure. We can even suggest proper training for the trip that you have signed up for. Do keep in mind that these are only guidelines and can be adapted to your preferences.

Who Travels with Sea to Summit and what is the maximum group size ?

We cater to private adventure trips and advise to having a maximum group size of eight. A special trip is tailored to your specific wants and needs thus creating your very own bucket list. Sit back and relax and have Sea to Summit take care of all of the details from the guides, accommodations, meal arrangements, transportation, and even the equipment needed for your special adventure.

Which kind of accommodation can one expect ?

ONLY THE BEST EACH PLACE HAS TO OFFER tried and tested by passionate adventurers. All luxury hotels, lodges, or tents in our portfolio enable our guests to experience every comfort.

Hotels, Lodges & Inns
Many of our trips feature accommodations with delightful ambience and character.

Our partnering lodges offer you anything from an "eco-lodge" in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park to charming luxury lodges in the remote Everest Region.

In larger cities, we provide luxury quality class hotels with all the amenities. Most of them are often located in the old part of town, away from the main tourist scenes but close enough to local points of interest such as small shops and colorful markets.

Small Boat Cruises
Our small boat cruises are adventurous outings on small boats that give you an intimate experience with the environment. All cruises are handled only by experienced crew members that wine and dine you through the spacious common areas relaxation is a must. No need for any formal, must attend dinners, casinos or nightly entertainment unless you want Sea to Summit to cook up a special one for you and your group.

Camping in Comfort & Style
Many of our trips take you to destinations far from well-traveled routes and suitable nearby lodgings. We, at Sea to Summit prepare their very own mobile camps and by their very nature provide more rustic accommodations. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable you can feel by providing you with roomy sleeping tents, dining canopies and most importantly private facilities such as bucket baths to portable toilets

For most of our assisted camping trips, a friendly support crew takes care of all the details while you relax and enjoy yourself. They'll set up fine accommodations, prepare tasty and wholesome meals, clean up, and see to it that you continue to stay healthy.

Can i have my clothes wash while on trek ? 

Most of the lodges and camps offer laundry service should the weather permit. Of course you will be advised in your itinerary. Do keep in mind that due to cultural issues regarding your intimate garments may be excluded.

What is food like ? What is the special diet requests ?

The food served at all of the lodges and camps are of the highest quality. Depending where, certain lodges bake fresh bread; create soups, salads, and entrees that could easily grace in any of the best restaurants discovering their fantastic regional cuisine around the world.

The camp cooks are experienced professionals who manage to prepare amazing culinary treats in the most remote of places. In some regions, the supply of produce may be more limited and consequently the food will be less varied but rest assured that it will always be hearty, healthy, and tasty no matter what.

Special diets will be taken into consideration by accommodating any request you may have such as vegetarian or vegan.

What type of luggage should i take on with me ?

Luggage should be kept to a minimum; the norm would be 20 kilograms per person preferably in a soft duffel bag. It is best not to take hard-sided suitcases and soft-sided internal frames carry-ons as they do not usually fit in the baggage compartments of small aircrafts.

What type of clothes should i take ? 

We recommend that you limit your attire to the basics. More formal attire is usually required only when staying in more prestigious city hotel establishments or on any of the luxury trains.

We will provide you with comprehensive trip information including a travel checklist upon booking.

Will we expected to pay additional park fees ? 

Park fees are included in your overall trip cost and you will be advised should any park fees need to be paid directly.

How do i book my Sea to Summit Adventure ? 

All you need to do is contact us via e-mail or phone. From there, we get all the pertinent information and design a trip that best suits your needs.

We require 48 hours for full availability. Once all of our partners have confirmed the plans for your dream destination, we make a provisional booking for you and/or your group ranging from 3 days all the way up to 2 weeks. Within that time, you will be provided with a detailed itinerary, costing and accommodation details.

What are the cancellation Policies ? 

All cancellations should be in writing and signed by the client

All letters need to be addressed to Sea to Summit Explorations, Incorporated and should be in writing and signed by the client.

Cancellation charges are based on the number of days before your trip start date. The schedule of cancellation charges per
person is as follows:

•    More than 60 days prior to trip start date: Loss of deposit.
•    30 to 60 days prior to trip start date: 50% of total trip cost.
•    Less than 30 days prior to trip start date: 100% of total trip cost.

Should you fail to join your trip, you can leave after or even join prior to its completion, no refunds will be given.

We strongly encourage all travelers to purchase comprehensive travel insurance including trip cancellations and interruption coverage at the time of deposit.

How much are we expected to tip?

It is best to tip your guide/ranger if you are happy with his or her services at your discretion. For the lodge or camp staff, there usually is a communal tip box, which is shared amongst them. The amount of your tip is at your personal discretion.

What type of travel insurance do you recommend ? 

You are required to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance plan before departure. This covers you for such events such as trip cancellations, delays or interruptions, lost or delayed baggage, emergency accidents, sickness and evacuation, accidental death, common carrier, 24-hour medical assistance, traveler's assistance, and emergency cash transfer.

Please ensure emergency medical evacuation is covered and contact us for advise on any kind of travel insurance.

Do i need Visa ? 

All countries require that you have a valid passport with an expiration date no less than six months after your return to your home country.

We recommend that you discuss all VISA REQUIREMENTS with us before you finalize your booking.